Experience comics like never before

Appear, disappear, and move! Bring characters to life with interactive features.

Maybe I can be a creator too!

In Branch, there are thousands of characters, pictures, etc. available that allow anyone to easily create their own comics.

Turn Likes into Cryptocurrency

We designed an economic system which ensures that community members who contribute to Branch’s growth and development receive appropriate compensation.

Standout features of Hellopet

Overlay Screen

Utilizes Android's screen overlay function without causing battery or memory issues


Currently producing original characters and collaborating with popular artists to create adorable 2D characters


Character interactions come to life with pets' diverse actions, speech bubbles, voice commands, etc.


With 10 million downloads worldwide, our service's global recognition continues to grow


Since launching in 2015 Applepie Studio Inc. has accumulated notable business achievements, content production, server technology operation, and social service management know-how through the virtual pet service Hellopet. Using these experiences we will focus on our new project, Branch service, and create a story of success!


  • Sep Hellopet House to be released
  • Jul Branch version 1.4 update
  •         with Branch Heart(BH) reward
            system implemented
  • May Branch started global service
  • Apr Branch released at Google Play
  • Feb Hellopet hit global 7 million

  • Oct Hellopet mini series launched
            in the Google Play Store
  •         Hellopet iOS version launched
  • Jun Hellopet 3.0 launched in the Google
            Play Store

  • Dec Next Startup Awards Finalist
  • Sep Hellopet 2.0 launched in the Google
            Play Store
  • Apr English version launched worldwide
  • Mar Republic of Korea Industry Award for
           Service Innovation

  • Sep South Korean Mobile Award
            for Best App in September
  •         Hellopet Korean version 1.0
            released on the Google Play Store
  • Apr Contracted with KCube Ventures for
  •         Establishment